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Union of Burma
Union of Burma
Kaba Ma Kyei (Till the End of the World, Burma)
Official Language Burmese
Capital Mandalay
Head of State Sao Yang Wen Pin
Head of Government Sao Yang Wen Pin
  - Konbaung Dynasty

  21 March 1752
Government Presidential republic
Currency Kyat
Area Around 600 000 kmĀ²
Population About 10 millions

Burma is a country in southeast Asia. It borders Tibet to the north, Yunnan to the northeast, Siam to the east, and the Bharitya Commune to the west.


The 1925 British Revolution unavoidably caused the downfall of its once mighty colonial empire. While India proper soon cemented into three separate nation states, the status of Burma was long unclear - with Bengali, Siamese, Chinese, Native Burmese and British loyalist forces all operating in the country, the region was a chaotic patchwork of territories resembling near-Warlordism. Although the British loyalists (operating mainly from Mandalay and Rangoon), were soon crushed, the Indian states kept troops within the country until 1929 - when, fed up with the unstable situation, German and AOG's mediation brought an end to the hostilities. The resulting treaty awarded the eastern part of Burma to Siam, and a few minor areas to Bengal and China (in reality, to Long Yun's state of Yunnan). The peace was short-lived however, as constant infighting among local princes, and a steady influx of petty Chinese Warlords (fleeing the Qing restoration and Long Yun's expansionism) threatened to tear the country apart.

In 1936, the situation still hasn't much improved, and Burma is a well-known base of operation for pirates and bandits of all descriptions. The military has almost exclusively fallen into the hands of local elites, leaving the legitimate government with virtually no faithful troops - and therefore only able to exert direct influence over the Capital, and to certain extent over Mandalay and Rangoon. It is in this context that the Bengalese have chosen to start spreading their 'peasant revolution' into Burma. When the day comes, will Burma be ready?

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