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I've just read the Wikipedia article on Charlotte's sister, Marie-Adélaïde, Grand Duchess of Luxembourg. It says that in OTL she actually died of influenza in a Italian monestary, after abducting the throne due to French and Belgian pressure. In the Kaiserreich timeline this is very unlikely to happen, Marie would most certainy remain on the throne, as you stated, and most likely live longer, since she was still quite young at the time. Of course I'd hate to have your work done in vaine. You could either change Maries's date of death, and also add another cause like a car accident, a plane crash, or maybe cancer, or if you like write an article about Marie as the grand duchess of Luxembourg. I leave that up to you. In any case, carry on the good work! -Andromedos

Well, as I'm far too lazy to rewrite a new file for the Grand Duchess (I think many Kaiserreichs will be able to survive without a study of Luxemburg), I decided to give Marie Adelheid the same fate that the very popular Queen Astrid of Belgium (spouse of Leopold III) suffered in OTL: a car accident. - Masked Pickle

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